03 mars 2009

On prend les mêmes et on recommence

Ahaha nouvelle année (ok depuis 3 mois mais c'est pas grave) donc nouveau dossier...mais dans une nouvelle agence... STS en plus de APC, travaille avec Au Pair Foundations, on m'a donc proposé d'essayer avec cette agence....mais il faut actualiser certaines choses...comme la lettre, mwahaha quel bonheur de refaire ça...  (ah bah oui sinon c'est pas drôle me diriez vous)

Bonne Lecture à ceux qui auront le courage de lire... et croisons les doigts tout en keepant le smile (oui ok c'est moche aussi mais j'avais envie)



Dear Family,

My name is Emiliana and I am 19 years-old, I was born on May, 24th in 1989. Actually, I am studying polish in university. I decided to study it because my mother is Polish so I want to upgrade this language.
Last year, I was in High School and I got my High School Diploma specialized in literature and more precisely, I studied languages: English, German and Spanish.

My relationship with my parents is very good. It’s a trust relation. They know that I am a serious person. They always know where I go and when I return at home.
They approve my plan to go in the USA for one year.
I look after my brother since I was 13 years-old- Today he is 12. As others brothers and sisters we can argue together but most of the time we have fun. For his birthdays, I made animations with his friends, they were happy each times!

Since about three years, I look after three children. Today, they are 16, 14 and 12 years-old. First, I look after only some evenings which I must cook for them and send to sleep. Now, I regularly look after during holidays, all day, we play games that I bring them to discover together, we cook and do homework. We also went to Eurodisneyland and Versailles’ castle.

I also sometimes look after two girls. They are 12 and 5 years-old. It’s not regularly like the others but they go at home every week, I play with the little girl, we love dancing together and with the older and my brother, we like going in Paris to visit some things or play in the parks. Our favorite is in Vincennes, every spring and summer, we like going in.

Last summer, I look after some children in three different families.
First, during one week, I keep three children: a baby-girl of 4 months about, and her brothers of 3 and 5 years-old. I must give bath, one after one, and make dinner for the boys. In December 2008, during three days, I keep the baby one more time, all the day, and also she was ill. Now, the family calls me when they need an help one day, or one evening.
Then, I look after a girl of 1.5 years-old during also one week, played with her, cooked for her.
And during my holidays, (about 1.5 month) I keep a boy of 10 months during different moments of the day (dinner, bath, nap…)

                During three months, I helped a girl of 10 years-old for homework, she had some difficulties and I can say today that I really helped her. I must stop to work with her because my schedule changes at university.

                Actually, the morning, I keep two boys, one of 6 years-old and one of 10 years-old. I supervise their breakfast and keep an eye if they wash their teeth well. I take them at school or to the game camp of the town. I really love them and the younger says everyday a funny sentence like because he has “yellow” hair he will become millionaire.

Otherwise, in 2003, I made a training period, for one week in a school. I helped children to make homework, made sport and went to the Louvre museum.
Now, during little holidays, I also work in Disneyland Paris.

I want to go in the USA to discover a new culture being in as American family, and to ameliorate my English. I always like travel since I am 11. Later, I want to work like a trilingual secretary that’s why I want to ameliorate my English.

I feel at-ease when I am with children, I like find new plays, new activities and helping them like a sister. I think that to be an good au pair, I must integrate family, be serious, not flee problems, and give the best of oneself.

A last thing, I don’t have my driver’s license but I am ready to do it in the USA, if you need it.


I wish I will spend a fantastic year with you.

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Commentaires sur On prend les mêmes et on recommence

    ah c'est super, tu lâches pas le truc !! bravo !! qui sait ca fonctionnera sans doute avec cette agence !!mais j'ai pas pigé cki a pas été avc au STS - bon courage ma ptite Lana en tous cas, tiens moi au courant
    ca t'en fait de l'expérience dis donc !!! je croise les doigts pr toi !!!! Lana aux states !!

    Posté par yayagirl, 03 mars 2009 à 16:29 | | Répondre
  • Ma Psycho, j'adore cette lettre !!! Elle est vraiment tip top. J'espère que cette nouvelle agence te portera plus chance que STS... Je pense bien à toi Et qui sait... peut être que je te retrouverais sur le territoire avant de rentrer en France

    Posté par Céline, 03 mars 2009 à 16:37 | | Répondre
  • Nul a chier!!!!

    Ta lettre est trop longue, repetitive, ton anglais approximatif et lourd bref je recois ca et elle part a la poubelle a la 4ieme ligne de lue!!!!!

    Posté par Polo, 03 mars 2009 à 16:48 | | Répondre
  • Ouaaah trop bien ptite Emi!! Mais d'où ça sort cette nouvelle agence bizarre que ça apparaisse comme ça d'un seul coup nan? Le plus important c'est que tu arrives à partir
    Des bisous ma belle

    Posté par Sarah, 03 mars 2009 à 19:33 | | Répondre
  • En fait, STS travaille maintenant ET aupair care ET aupair foundations =)

    Polo : y a des manieres de dire les choses, et c'est ma conseilleire qui m'a demandé de la refaire en plus longue, donc voila

    Posté par BB Psycho, 03 mars 2009 à 19:56 | | Répondre
  • En fait, STS travaille maintenant ET aupair care ET aupair foundations =)

    Polo : y a des manieres de dire les choses, et c'est ma conseilleire qui m'a demandé de la refaire en plus longue, donc voila

    Posté par BB Psycho, 03 mars 2009 à 19:56 | | Répondre
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